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gamesa reparation composites

COMPOSITE PATCH has been certified as official supplier for GAMESA WIND POWER, leader of the Wind Energy market worldwide.

COMPOSITE PATCH has worked together with GAMESA to certificate new composite repair system generation develop by COMPOSITE PATCH, to make more efficient composite wind blades repair.

Why chose AplTecTM Composite Patch for wind blades composite repair?

  • Composite Patch enables to perform structural repairs with guarantee of constant quality by non composite specialist workers thanks to its error proof system.
  • Composite patch may be used in all climate conditions: tropical countries, sub zero conditions, under the rain or even underwater.
  • Composite patch is nearly as easy to use as a sticker: once mixed, it may be cut and repositioned as necessary before it hardens – like a pre-preg.
  • 4 hours after its application it will obtain 90% of its mechanical properties at room temperature (23ºC).
  • Composite patch is the lightest repair system and does not create contaminated waste: no scales, mixing pots, rollers, brushes etc..
  • It travels easily and may form part of any service toolbox.

 For more information please contact info@compositepatch.com. 



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