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Farming material is meant to last long years of operation – but like any material, wear and tear take It's toll and break down usually happen at un-expected moments:
A truckload of animal food to be transferred in a bulk feed silo is on it's way and you realize that there is a crack in the silo – The seed sowing unit behind the tractor gets dented while being toped up – The aluminum water irrigation pipe gets punctured while being installed – all these are real life incidents on farms.
Composites repairs are good repair solutions for these incidents – but rarely used on farms as the materials needed are not readily available: resin, hardener, fibre, rollers and brushes, electronic scale, acetone.
AplTecTM composite patch offers simple readily repair solutions. It will work under any weather does not need any ancillary materials and  is a error proof so any untrained person ca use it:
The right amount of resin/hardener ratio is pre-dosed for the fibre patch. The resin is yellow, the hardener is blue: as long as the mix is not green, it means the mix is not ready.
Once mixed and the fibre wet, jut cut open the plastic and apply the repair patch - as simple as that.
AplTecTM composite patch makes composite repairs simple and straightforward – while guaranteeing that the repair will be structural and long lasting.



COMPOSITE PATCH gets ISO 9001 certificate

COMPOSITE PATCH has been certified by AENOR in ISO 9001



Tank repair

• Use of glass reinforcement AplTec TM composite patch
• AplTec TM composite patch reposition technique

Tank repair

Water Tank repair

• Use of Glass C-Patch

Water Tank repair

Multiple repairs in agricultural trough

• Use of large XL AplTec TM composite patch
• AplTec TM composite patch overlaps technique
• Adjusting AplTec TM composite patch on organics shapes
• Applying AplTec TM composite patch on wet, rusty steel trough

Multiple repairs in agricultural trough

Recommended products

Glass reinforcement Light repairs


Glass biaxial +45Ί/-45Ί, 600 g/m2
21cm x 20cm

28,80 €

G10 Fibra de vidrio para reparaciones ligeras


Glass biaxial, 600 g/m2
21cm x 50cm

53,60 €

Glass reinforcement Light repairs


Glass biaxial  +45º/-45º, 600 g/m2
21cm x 95cm

68,97 €

Fibra de vidrio para reparaciones estandar


Glass fibre quadriaxial, 800 g/m2
21cm x 50cm

58,08 €

Carbon reinforcement Extreme repairs


Carbon unidirectional, 450g/m2
21cm x 95cm

122,09 €


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