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Based on our experience as official reparation system on-board for the last Volvo Ocean Race edition and its success on the Vendée Globe, the world´s lightest composite repair kit you can carry on-board a  mini 6.50´: 40% lighter than carrying resin+fibre+ brushes +acetone +mixing pots and a guaranteed quality of the repair.

APLTec Composite Patch has developed 2 special kits for the Mini Transat, one for the Mini 6.50 and one for the Mini Serie 6.50

Composition Pack Mini 6.50

  • 2 patches C10, Biaxial Carbon , 400 g/m2, 21cm x 50cm
  • 1 patch C20, Unidirectional (UD) Carbon , 450 g/m2, 21cm x 95cm
  • 1 cartouche adhésif époxy structurel



Normal: 295,60 € (TVA inc) + transport DHL 33,93€ = 329,53 € delivered in France or Spain


Partnership Price: We like the Minitransat! So you put 2 Composite Patch stickers on your boat you send us a photo sailing( and we reduce the Kit price to 214,19€ delivered in France or Spain.


Contact France: Pierre Calmon +33 673 41 35 46






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