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When your crews are hanging along a wind-blade doing aerial works, the time and money spent should be reduced as much as possible – as well as the possible mishandling of the products used to repair the damage.

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SPECIALITIES, fire, high temperature..

We manufacture custom repair patches with customer specified requirements: fire resistance, food approval, sensorized, high temperature resistance and flexible patches.

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Both for ocean racing, when repairing fast is a matter of winning or loosing, or for general yachting, the AplTec TM composite patch repair kit will help you to fix or at least temporary mend a crack or a hole in a punctured hull.

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While installing large irrigation pipe or sewage system, it is easy to slightly damage the pipes due to there large size.

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AplTec TM composite patch offers simple readily composite repair solutions. It will work under any weather does not need any ancillary materials such as scales to weight the resin+hardener, rollers and brushes, acetone..etc..

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Consolidating steel beams or fixing cracks in or concrete columns, walls or tanks are often considered as minor repairs within the civil engineering world, and the crews are not always trained as most of the products used in construction are designed for easy field applications.

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We manufacture custom repair patches with customer specified dimensions, fiber type or fiber construction.

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SPORTS & LEISURE: surf, kayaks..

Be on an expedition to the Arctic in a kayak, on the Paris Dakar Rally, or on a WRC rally, composites are nowadays part of most sports & leisure items – and the inherent use of these items makes them prone to break.

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