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While installing large irrigation pipe or sewage system, it is easy to slightly damage the pipes due to their large size. The next thing happening is the difficult decision of installing the damaged pipe or the costly option to send a truck back to the depot where the pipes come from and scraping the damaged pipe for often just a small dent – but that the end customer will not accept during commissioning.
AplTecTM composite patchoffers a definitive repair solution for pipes, under any weather conditions: from warm and sunny to winter Alaska temperatures or under heavy rains. The pipe does not need to be dry – worse case – all you need is to apply a bead of AplTecTM composite patch quick cure adhesive to displace the film of water and right away apply the repair  patch:
AplTecTM composite patchis a error proof repair system: the resin is yellow, the hardener is blue: as long as the mix is not green, it mean the mix is not ready. Once mixed and the fibre wet, jut cut open the plastic and apply the repair patch.
No need for scales to weight the resin+hardener, rollers and brushes, acetone..etc. AplTecTM composite patch makes composite repairs simple and straightforward.   For water, Oil & Gas pipes, AplTecTM composite patch is a definitive structural field repair solution.



COMPOSITE PATCH gets ISO 9001 certificate

COMPOSITE PATCH has been certified by AENOR in ISO 9001



Pipe repair in freezing conditions

• Use of glass APLTec™ composite patch under cero temperatures
• Use if hot water with APLTec™ composite patch in snow

Underwater repair tips

• Apply APLTec™ composite patch underwater
• APLTec™ composite patch adhesive

Underwater repair tips

Underwater reparation

Tips for underwater reparation in 3 minutes

Tips for underwater reparation in 3 minutes

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