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Onboard repairs at Team MAPFRE

iker martinez desafio mapfre composite patch repair

Team MAPFRE's skipper Iker Martínez and ñeti Cuevas spent some time fixing a bow delamination and a couple of damaged outriggers with the Composite Patch adhesive during Leg 5.

"We listened a bad noise that came from this area, from the bow". 

Skipper Iker Martínez knows that that part of the boat has been problematic in previous legs, so there is enough reason to get hands on work before anything worse happens.

Iker uses the AplTech Structural Epoxy adhesive to reinforce the bow's surface: "I remember the last time, when this area got delaminated. This time is not like the previous one, but we prefer to be cautious and avoid problems, so we reinforced the area. We have been working hard to make sure everything is in perfect condition and we hope to be able to fix it to be back in track again".

After been done with that job, they had also to repair a couple of broken outriggers. It was a busy day.

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