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Introducing the G10 white patch

WHITE G10 AplTec glass fiber composite patch

AplTec composite patch introduces its new WHITE G10 glass fiber patch for permanent structural repairs and specially designed for complex shapes & angles.

The WHITE G10 glass fiber composite patch kit is packaged in a easy to carry poster-format 30 cm long tube containing the 21cmx50cm biaxial glass fiber patch and the exact amount of white epoxy resin and hardener.

All the elements of the WHITE G10 are precisely metered and contained in a waterproof pouch making its operation really simple: just following three easy steps the white epoxy resin and the hardener are mixed and spread onto the glass fibre, which is ready to be applyed similarly to a sticker.

The WHITE G10 provides a permanent structural and fast repair that bonds to virtually any surface in the coldest weather, in high humidity,                                                                                 under the rain or even underwater.

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