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Wind Energy: Our next challenge

The figures for growth in the global wind power industry are incontestable. In 2014, it has been able to cover 10% of the energy consumption across the EU and the total amount of facilities have increased a 44% globally.

The market is increasingly demanding and competitive, so that maintenance becomes a key point to energy producers. The increasing demand makes wind turbine repairs to be fast and reliable in order to avoid wasting time and money. That's where Composite Patch can make a difference.

In Composite Patch we know how to face structural damage repairs minimizing cost and time spent, while maximizing the reliability and durability of the repair. Due to this, our kit was chosen by all crews of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015 as sole aboard system for repairing structural damage in case of emergency.

The repair needs of the wind industry are not so different from those of the top level nautical competitions. In both cases the reaction time is critical and repairs must be reliable enough to put back the repaired part to a considerable stress as soon as possible. With Composite Patch we avoid the cause of 80% of defective repairs: the incorrect amounts of resin, hardener and fiber used. In our product, those items are accurately measured, so no training in composites or additional tools are needed.

Once the repair is done, it reaches 90% of its strength within a few hours regardless of weather conditions and without post cure, so we can reduce costs while ensuring a quality repair to our customers.

AplTec composite patch has developed a specific range of products designed for field  wind blades reparations:

  • E-glass multi axial composite kits
  • All weather conditions resin
  • Custom RAL pigmented composite patch
  • Possibility to use manufacturer’s specified fibre & fibre orientation

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