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The teams of the Volvo Ocean Race choose Composite Patch

All the teams taking part in this edition of the Volvo Ocean Race trust on the effectiveness and usability of Composite Patch to repair their boats in the most extreme conditions.

Considered as one of the most demanding top-level sports competition both physically and psychologically, the crews of the Volvo Ocean Race will deal with extreme situations in an adventure that will race around the globe, facing the worst conditions and scenarios. To face this challenge, Composite Patch has been chosen by all the teams as on board structural repair system for its ease of use and reliability at any temperature or weather condition (even underwater), allowing to perform repairs in record time.




What is Composite Patch?

To understand what Composite Patch is, a journalist nicknamed it “the bandage that heals boats." Users compare its application to using a “sticker" that will repair any blow, crack or delaminating suffered.

Composite Patch is packed in an orange emergency color tube, so it can be easily found, and consists of a watertight bag divided into three compartments containing the glass or carbon fiber patch and the exact amount of resin and hardener, all you need to do a composite repair - easily and clean - as all the products are enclosed to the plastic.

Its operation is extremely simple: The resin is yellow, the hardener is blue and removing the first clip, you can mix them. As long as it is not green, it means the mix is not ready. Once the resin mixed, after removing the second clip and spreading the resin onto the fibre, simply cut open the plastic and apply the repair patch like a bandage - as simple as that -. Repairs can be performed in under 5 minutes and will harden faster than any other epoxy resin in any conditions, including underwater or on wet surfaces.

How became the repair system approved by the Volvo Ocean Race?

"Composite Patch allowed our captain, Pepe Ribes, to repair a structural damage laminating the area, which was quite complex, and completing the repair in less than 15 minutes."

Iker Martínez, Skipper of Team Telefónica VOR 2011

Already in the previous edition of the transoceanic regatta, Team Telefónica led by Iker Martínez chose Composite Patch as part of the emergency repair kit, testing it during competition with more than satisfactory results.

The Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 introduced a new class of ship for all teams. So the race direction strictly monitors all the changes made to the boats and what materials can be carried on board. The builders of the boats and the technical staff of the Volvo Ocean Race selected it as the best solution for on board structural repairs for its proven reliability, toughness, error-proof design (no training in composites needed) and all weather applicability. Also, it allows the teams to save weight, being the lightest repair system available as it eliminates all mixing pots scales and other ancillary items.

Since then, a large number of participants in top competitions such as the Vendée Globe, the Mini Transat, the Transquadra or the Route du Rhum rely on Composite Patch as an essential on their ships, making it become a standard on all boats.

What other applications has Composite Patch?

The applications of Composite Patch in sports are not limited to the structural repairs of racing yachts. It is also used by dinghy sailing and motor boat fans, for carbon bicycle repairs or to fix kayaks in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean and in North Pole expeditions.

Rapidly, the general industry has also seen the interest of Composite Patch and a growing number of maintenance & repair operations are being performed in a wide variety of industry ranges such as wind blade turbines for wind energy production, oil & gas pipelines, in the aviation sector and many more, reducing dramatically the down time of the maintenance operations and ensuring the even quality of repairs performed.



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