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Carbon Unidirectional, 300g/m2 
21cm x 95cm



The CONCRETE REPAIR carbon fiber composite patch is packaged in a easy to carry poster-format 30 cm long tube. It enables permanent structural repairs and is best used for complex shapes & angles repairs.


The carbon fiber, the blue epoxy resin and the yellow hardener are precisely metered and contained in a waterproof pouch – all separated by clips that are also used to mix and spread the resin onto the fiber. The resin mix is green when ready to use . Once the resin is mixed and spread onto the fiber, the plastic pouch is cut open and the CONCRETE REPAIR patch is applied similarly to a sticker.





300 gr/m2 T700 Carbon fiber

Unidirectional construction

Weight: 400g Width: 21cm  Long: 95cm

Resin: Fast curing structural epoxy resin

Under water cure capable system



CONCRETE REPAIR COMPOSITE PATCH APLTecTM is packaged in a easy-to-find emergency orange poster tube containing:

  • Latex Gloves
  • Instructions


To see how to use CONCRETE REPAIR COMPOSITE PATCH composite patch please click here

To download the instructions please click here

Here you can see the videos of examples of applications for the APLTec composite patches.

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